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My Tiny Tiger

Interactive Moving Ball Cat Toy

Interactive Moving Ball Cat Toy

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Exercise is essential for your cat's physical and emotional well-being. An exclusively sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain and decreased life expectancy. Enticing toys that mimic prey are perfect to get your cat the exercise they need. 

Maximize your cat's playtime with the interactive moving ball cat toy. This toy grabs your cat's attention by bouncing and sporadically moving on its own. The electric lifting design draws your cat in to play by itself and release pent up energy.

Durable: Made of high quality material, it is durable and scratch resistant. It uses 2 AAA batteries. Batteries are not included!

Endless Options: Detach the ball by unscrewing it and add another extension!

Easy To Use: Simply turn the knob attach and detach the toy using our gentle turn thread fixed design!

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